But for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community,
that’s not possible without captions.


About 37 million Americans are deaf or hearing-impaired. 

Yet so many broadcasters and advertisers fail to add proper captions ­– especially in online streaming, where FCC accessibility regulations barely exist.

This leaves the people who rely on captions in the dark.

Stories don’t make sense.  

Information is missed.

The world falls out of reach.


It’s time to make quality captions the norm.

Because without them, millions aren’t getting the full picture.

Closed captioning services charge as little as $1 per minute
to caption video content. Without it, you’re selling the story short.

Watching the latest rom-com online? If it never ran on TV, a lack of closed captions may be sending mixed signals.

If you can’t hear breaking news, all stories become investigative reporting.